Barbara Bowron

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Accredited Secondary Facilitator specialising in:

 - Culturally Responsive Practice
 - Teaching as Inquiry
 - Social Sciences Years 9-13
 - Curriculum review and assessment design
 - Leadership and collaborative practice
 - Professional learning clusters

About Barbara

I chose to work within the education sector 16 years ago because I believe education is the key to empowering individuals to reach their potential. During this time I have undertaken a variety of roles and been fortunate to have had opportunities to deepen my understanding of, pedagogy, culturally responsive practice, innovative and collaborative practices and issues relating to future-focussed education in the knowledge age. From 2010-2015 I worked at UC Education Plus in the role of Secondary Social Sciences facilitator and more recently as a NZC facilitator. Prior to that, I was Assistant HOD Social Sciences at Aranui High School and Specialist Classroom Teacher from 2007-2009. My passion for education has certainly grown since I became a parent. I have a school aged daughter and in 2015 we welcomed twins into our family. I now have personal experience of our education system as a student, teacher and parent. 

Working in partnership

I believe that genuine and connected relationships are fundamental to learning and achievement. I enjoy working in partnership with teachers and leaders to empower them to create inclusive learning spaces where culture counts. The New Zealand curriculum provides a framework for engaging and authentic learning experiences to equip our young people to reach their potential. I work alongside teachers to ensure that the teaching and learning programmes reflect not only the intent of the NZC but also the school values and aspirations for their learners. I like to challenge, encourage and support the teachers I work with to reflect on their practice and build on their existing skills and knowledge to develop their capabilities. In turn, this creates opportunities for greater positive impacts on student success.



  •  - Bachelor of Arts
  •  - Postgraduate Diploma in Management
  •  - Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning
  •  - Postgraduate Diploma in Education