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Accredited Facilitator and Expert Partner specialising in:

-Building Evaluative Capability
-Culturally Responsive Relational Based Pedagogy
-Teaching as Inquiry
-Teacher Innovation
-Research and Evaluation

Education for life

I have worked in education my entire career as a teacher, psychologist, lecturer and a researcher and I am passionate about making sense of the issues that face New Zealand schools.

I believe in equity in education for all students. At the heart of my educational philosophy is embracing difference as a strength; I believe what makes us unique as individuals should be fostered through lifelong education. Each learner should receive the best possible educational opportunities that reflect and support their culture, identity and aspirations. I love the process of inquiry, understanding a puzzle of practice and creating an intervention that makes a difference in the lives of teachers and students.

We're good but let's be great!

New Zealand leads the world in indigenous education and it is inspiring to be part of a global indigenous community that is active in bringing about change in schools across the world. I am particularly excited by the amount of innovation in the New Zealand system. In my work as a Teacher Led Innovation Fund panel member I have seen teachers in schools working to bring about change for students by working with communities, engaging in new ideas and pedagogies and constructing new interventions based on evidence.

Capturing opportunity

I believe that the system supports innovation and change and the New Zealand curriculum provides a framework for contextualising learning and creating quality learning relationships. The challenge for the system is how teachers and schools capitalise on these opportunities, particularly for students who are not achieving to their potential. The variability in achievement within schools is a significant educational issue.

Totally worth it

Through embracing culturally connected teaching and learning I have seen schools bring about significant change in achievement for students. I hope that by working with me people are inspired to see change as an exciting opportunity. I enjoying working with teachers thinking critically about puzzles of practice, engaging in defining the issues in education and creating innovative contextual solutions.






Education & Qualifications

Massey University New Zealand
-Education Doctorate 2006
-Post Graduate Diploma Educational Psychology 2000
-Master of Educational Psychology 1999
-Bachelor of Education (Teaching) 1992

Otago Polytechnic
-Bachelor of Applied Management: Transformation & Change 2014

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
-Kāwai Raupapa (Intro to Arts) 2010

Te Wānanga o Raukawa
-Huia Te Reo 2016

Publications & Presentations

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Book Chapters 

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 Conference Papers  

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