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Accredited Secondary Facilitator specialising in:

-Digital Fluency
-English Year 9-13
-Integration of technology to enhance teaching and learning programmes
-Curriculum and Assessment Design
-Teacher Appraisal and Mentoring
-Knowledge Building Theory

Building passion for education

I am passionate about curriculum design and how to raise achievement for students to reach their potential. My interest is in creating learning programmes that are relevant, authentic and reach across the curriculum to enable students to build and create knowledge.

I thoroughly enjoy working alongside teachers of all levels and experience, to provide them with information and resources that are grounded in research and have a clear pedagogical focus.

I am student focused and believe in ‘knowing thy student’. This means having a clear understanding of who they are and how they are performing. I hope that in working with me, teachers will see results with their own practice and with student progress and that they will feel confident with their learning programmes and student outcomes.

Future focused

I think NZ has an amazing curriculum document that enables educational providers to provide a holistic education focused not only on the academic aspects but also the wellbeing of students. It is future focused and discusses the need to be knowledge creators/builders.

This is an exciting time in NZ education and with clear systems, research supported rationales for change and clear support, schools have a lot of flexibility with the curriculum and NCEA.

In preparing students for the future, the focus needs to be what skills and abilities we want our future adults to have to enable them to live full and productive lives that support knowledge growth, wellbeing, cultural understanding, problem-solving, community, environment and so forth.

Digital fluency for the future

I have a passion for the integration of digital technology to enhance teaching and learning programmes. Technology can be used to provide authentic learning contexts and to provide students with access to information, problems and experts to enhance their learning experiences. This passion for technology led me to complete a Master in Teaching focusing on technology and to become a Microsoft Innovator Expert. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator and Trainer I have a wide knowledge of the Office 365 tools and how they can help teachers create programmes that are relevant, provide authentic contexts and enhance learning programs. These tools also help teachers with planning, feedback, marking, tracking data and a range of administrative tasks.

I can also support teachers to integrate other online tools such as quizzes, blogs, twitter, Google for Education and augmented reality tools. I love working alongside teachers to increase their digital fluency supporting them to:

-integrate digital technology into their programmes
-provide opportunities for students to create knowledge and solve problems within authentic contexts for learning
-explore the potential of digital technology in Innovative Learning Environments
-integrate curriculum areas
-access experts and expertise
-manage the administrative side of teaching

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Education & Qualifications

  • -BA in History
    -Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching and Learning (History, English Social Science)
    -MA in Teaching specialising in integration of technology and Knowledge Building theory
    -Currently enrolled in an Ed Doctorate at University of Otago specialising in integration of curriculum and curriculum design

  • Professional History

    -Board member of Knowledge Building New Zealand
    -Microsoft Innovator Expert
    -Virtual Learning Professional Development Mentor for teachers 2012-2015
    -2016 Head of English St Andrew’s College

  • Publications & Presentations

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    Avonside Girl’s High School: OneNote and Moodle

    Education Perfect Conference Brisbane

    VPLD Hui: Modern Learning Practice in the Virtual World

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